Innsworth Military Wives Choir

Back by popular demand the Imjin Barracks Military Wives Choir will be taking to the stage to entertain festival goers with a string of popular tunes.

One of the real success stories over the last few years Military Wives Choirs provide a head-start for women in the military community to make new friends, connect with local communities and learn new skills in a fun and supportive environment. By coming together to sing, each choir creates a valuable and strong support network; choir members can help one another through the tough times, celebrate the good times and sing through it all together! Now with a network of over 75 choirs, the Military Wives Choirs Foundation supports women in the British military community in the UK, Germany, Cyprus and further afield, wherever our forces are based.

Want to join in?

Just as much as they build up unbreakable bonds, our choirs also break down barriers. We’re in this together!

More information visit the Military Wives Choirs website.